Atlantic Democratic Candidates Endorsed by Democrats 2000

Democrats 2000, the premier young Democrat fundraising organization in New Jersey, today has announced its endorsement of 48 young Democrats under the age of 40 running for public office across New Jersey.

“We are proud to announce the endorsement of 48 amazing young Democratic candidates who we know will bring good government and fresh new ideas to public service in legislative districts, counties, and municipalities across New Jersey,” said Jon Chebra and Matt Bonasia, co-presidents of Democrats 2000. “For the past two decades, Democrats 2000 has been raising money to help young candidates punch through the competition and reach the voters of New Jersey, and we look forward to supporting our endorsed candidates this year and celebrating their successes on November 7th.”

Democrats 2000 has endorsed the following candidates for election on November 7, 2017:

Colin Bell – State Senate, LD 2

Bob Andrzejczak – Assembly, LD 1

Ryan Young – Assembly, LD 9

Ashley Bennett – Freeholder District 3, Atlantic County

Jeffree Fauntleroy, II – Council-at-Large, Atlantic City

Walead Abdrabouh – Council, Galloway

Frank J. Santo, Jr – Council, Galloway

Leanna Mullen – Committee, Mullica Township

Mazzeo Applauds Prosecutor Tyner's Directive on Law Enforcement Carrying Naloxone

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic) released the following statement following the public announcement that Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner has issued a directive that all law enforcement officers in the county carry Narcan, the life-saving anti-overdose drug that has saved thousands of lives in New Jersey.

"I'm grateful for Prosecutor Tyner's forward thinking approach to combating the massive heroin and opioid epidemic plaguing our community. By equipping all law enforcement across the county with Narcan we will save countless lives. We all know however that this is just one step in the overall fight against addiction. In the Assembly, I will continue to work to strengthen our prescription monitoring program, end the stigma surrounding addiction, and increase recovery and rehabilitation options. There is much work to be done, and I'm glad that we have a thoughtful and capable leader in Damon Tyner leading the charge in our prosecutor's office."

Assemblyman Mazzeo also commended the AtlantiCare Foundation for their $10,000 donation to the ACPO initiative which is helping to fund the purchase of Naloxone for officers across the county. He said, "I'm glad to see AtlantiCare once again stepping up to save lives. Their support and the support of local hospitals have been instrumental in making sure those suffering from addiction get the care they need."

Late last year Assemblyman Mazzeo wrote to the Acting Prosecutor asking her to issue the same directive. At the time The Press of Atlantic City endorsed Assemblyman Mazzeo's effort saying that "State statistics show naloxone was administered 718 times between January 2015 and this June, with law enforcement giving 84 of the doses. Those stats on lives saved show the value of equipping both EMS personnel and officers." [ACPress Editorial, 12/26/2016]

County Democrats Oppose FAA Cuts

Atlantic County Democratic Freeholder candidates Caren Fitzpatrick, Thelma Witherspoon, and Ashley Bennett today announced their opposition to any plans by Congress or the Trump Administration that would cause mass layoffs at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“The William J. Hughes Technical Center is one of the largest employers in Atlantic County,” said Fitzpatrick, Witherspoon, and Bennett. “Any efforts to seriously cut its budget or lay off workers would have a devastating effect on our economy, which is still recovering from the closings of four casinos.”

The William J. Hughes Technical Center campus in Egg Harbor Township directly and indirectly employs approximately 3,000 people. It is also home to the 177th Fighter Wing and the Stockton Aviation Research and Technology Park.

“The Technical Center is a current and future economic driver in our region, contributing nearly $680 million in spending and salaries to the South Jersey economy.[1] We are vehemently opposed to any efforts by Washington to lay off workers,” said Fitzpatrick, Witherspoon, and Bennett.

Fitzpatrick, Witherspoon, and Bennett will continue to voice their opposition to any proposed cuts as the reauthorization process continues in Washington.



Letter: Fitzpatrick wants contingent county budget

Freeholder candidate wants contingent budget

Regarding the April 26 commentary by Michael Diamond, “Who raised taxes instead of cutting the budget as revenue fell?”:

Diamond described the annual increases in the Atlantic County budget. When can we expect to see a finalized 2017 county budget?

It is now the middle of the second quarter of 2017 and the Freeholder Board is allocating funds based on the 2016 budget. Recently, $20 million was allocated for road improvements. The county should have had a Plan B (just like all middle-class families do who are trying to make ends meet), a contingent budget that anticipated reduced revenues and budgeted more conservatively for 2017.

For decades, I’ve helped businesses and nonprofits manage their finances and prepare for whatever the future holds. It’s time that much-needed thinking was brought to Atlantic County government for a change.

Caren Fitzpatrick


Candidate for Atlantic County Freeholder at Large

Bell Challenges the Two Chris Browns to Debate in Every Town

Former Assistant Atlantic County Prosecutor Colin Bell, Democratic candidate for State Senate in New Jersey's 2nd Legislative District, challenged his two opponents to debate at least once in all 17 municipalities in the district.

"I look forward to shining the light on my two opponents in this race -- Trenton's Chris Brown and Atlantic County's Chris Brown. For years Trenton's Chris Brown has voted against the hard-working residents and businesses of Atlantic County while his counterpart, Atlantic County Chris Brown, goes out and sells voters on the opposite.

'It's time for the voters of Atlantic County to see through Mr. Brown's charade for what he really is -- just another Trenton politician willing to do and say anything to get elected.

'Therefore I challenge Chris Brown to debate me in every municipality in our district, at least once, and I invite members of the press to cover them all. Let's see which Chris Brown shows up.

'Atlantic County deserves better than what Mr. Brown has to offer -- empty election promises, name calling and insults. I'm running because I believe there's a better way for Atlantic County and I look forward to sharing my vision for a bright future with the voters."

Weinberg Condemns Atlantic County Freeholder's Misogynist Rhetoric

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) today condemned Atlantic County Freeholder John Carman for using misogynist images to ridicule the Women's March on Washington:

“I was proud to join hundreds of thousands of women in Washington as they rallied for gender equality and against bigotry,” said Senator Weinberg. “Unfortunately, Freeholder Carman, who was elected by the citizens of Atlantic County to represent them, finds humor in the idea that women should stay home and make dinner rather than exercise our First Amendment rights.”

The Press of Atlantic City today reported on images Freeholder Carman posted on his personal Facebook page, including one image of a woman in a kitchen with the tagline “Will the Woman's March be over in time for them to cook dinner?” Another image on Carman's page joked that there was a “large sandwich making party” in Washington on Saturday.

“On behalf of women all across New Jersey, I'm here to tell Freeholder Carman that we're not going anywhere,” added Weinberg. “We are going to continue to march, to speak up, and to fight for a society that cherishes inclusion and equality.

“The post wasn’t even funny, but perhaps, worst of all, gave us insight into the freeholder’s thought processes. I hope that Atlantic County women attend the next freeholder meeting to let Mr. Carman know that not all women cook, but they probably do vote.”


Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman strongly condemned Atlantic County Freeholder John Carman today for his misogynistic and discriminatory posts on his personal Facebook page.

"On Saturday, millions of women all across the country and the world stood up to hate, intolerance, and misogyny," said Suleiman. "That same day, Freeholder Carman embraced the very hate, intolerance, and misogyny just to get a few shallow 'likes' on Facebook. It was classless and his actions should be condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike. Standing up for equal rights for women shouldn't be a partisan issue." 

On Saturday, Freeholder Carman posted an image of a woman in a kitchen with the tagline "Will the Woman's March be over in time for them to cook dinner?"

In another post, Carman posted another image stating "There must be a large sandwich making class going on in DC today," making reference to the Women's March.

"Freeholder Carman's posts may have gotten a chuckle from his buddies, but for one of our elected officials to embrace misogyny so openly is an embarrassment to all of Atlantic County. He needs to issue an apology immediately and without reservation for offending the tens of thousands of women he represents on the Freeholder Board," added Suleiman.

Atlantic City Democratic Committee Thanks Senator Jim Whelan for his Many Years of Government Service

FROM: Joyce Mollineaux, Municipal Chair

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee wishes to salute and thank Senator Jim Whelan for his decades of public service to the residents of Atlantic City. Jim Whelan’s life story is a story of service to his Atlantic City Community, where he has lived and served as a lifeguard, teacher, coach, Councilman, Mayor, Assemblyman and finally State Senator. Just as he braved the waves of the Atlantic as a lifeguard and as a championship swimmer, Jim always gave a 100% effort to helping Atlantic City brave the waves of economic fortune and hardship that have been the hallmark of this great City. Although he may have made the decision to enter a long-deserved retirement, we know that Jim will continue to be an instrument of positive change for Atlantic City families. We wish Senator Whelan and his wife Kathy all the best in retirement.

The Atlantic City Democrats look forward to working with our County and State Democrat Leadership in helping to elect a new Democratic Senator to fill the very large shoes of Senator Whelan and to continue the fight for an improved quality of life for the residents of Atlantic City and throughout the Second Legislative District.

The Atlantic City Democrat Committee urge all Democrats to support and elect our next Democrat Senator in the June election.

Mazzeo Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic) announced today that he will seeking the 2nd District Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Jim Whelan.

"I am proud to announce my candidacy for state Senate and thank Senator Whelan for his distinguished career in public service. Today, Atlantic County is facing historic economic challenges. In many ways, we stand at a crossroads and I am committed to rolling up my sleeves as I do every day running a successful small business to do the hard work necessary to ensure our best days are ahead of us," said Mazzeo.

Assemblyman Mazzeo has fought tirelessly for Atlantic County's seniors, women, veterans, small businesses and middle-class families. He has been on the forefront of combating the ongoing deadly heroin and opioid epidemic, fighting for shared services and consolidation to save taxpayers their hard-earned money, stood up for our veterans and active duty military personnel, and stabilized Atlantic City's property tax assessments that have crippled our economy. Assemblyman Mazzeo has taken on the state's predatory lending program which is financially stifling a new generation of college students and is working to expand tax credit programs to keep and bring new businesses to Atlantic County to create local sustainable jobs.

Assemblyman Mazzeo continued, "Lowering property taxes and bringing new jobs and industries to Atlantic County must be our top priority to tackle the affordability crisis we face. Additionally, we must restore funding for essential women's healthcare services, lower Atlantic County's worst in the nation foreclosure rates, reform a broken school aid formula robbing Atlantic County children of our their fair share and stand in defiance of any attempts to resurrect schemes -- in contradiction of the voters -- to expand casino gaming outside of Atlantic City."

Several media outlets have reported that Republican Assemblyman Chris Brown is likely to seek the state Senate seat, and Mazzeo commented, "If Assemblyman Brown enters the race, I truly hope we can have a positive dialogue on the merits of our ideas rather than resort to his gutter political tactics of 2015. It is okay that we have clear differences, but the challenges facing Atlantic County require an honest discussion of how we create a path to progress. This campaign isn't about the candidates, it must be about the residents, businesses and the future of Atlantic County."

The Mazzeo campaign is also proud to announce the endorsement of outgoing Senator Jim Whelan, whose record of service to Atlantic County stretches back over 30 years. "I've made a career of telling people the truth, not just want they want to hear. Vince Mazzeo does the same thing. In the race of workhorses versus showhorses, I'm putting my money on Vince Mazzeo every time. One of the many reasons I'm supporting Vince Mazzeo is because Chris Brown has proved time and again he cares more about playing politics and telling people what they want to hear than working to get struggling families back on their feet. Atlantic County doesn't need more talking heads or panderers; we need more leaders who put words into action to defend our community. That's Vince Mazzeo."

Letter: Brown on both sides of A.C. takeover issues

While I am a big fan of Bill Murray, Assemblyman Chris Brown’s recent op-ed comparing the current political situation in Atlantic City to “Groundhog Day” was pretty disingenuous. Brown voted for the so-called “takeover” bill that he is now bashing and voted for legislation to halt costly casino tax appeals that he is now railing against. Brown has shown that he is a typical Trenton politician who wants to be on both sides of every issue.

There is a big difference between changing one’s mind and flip-flopping on issues for political gain. Brown has shown that he prefers the latter. I’d rather have a leader who is clear on where he or she stands on the issues.

Michael Maurer

Galloway Township

The Press of Atlantic City - 1/3/17