Weinberg Condemns Atlantic County Freeholder's Misogynist Rhetoric

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) today condemned Atlantic County Freeholder John Carman for using misogynist images to ridicule the Women's March on Washington:

“I was proud to join hundreds of thousands of women in Washington as they rallied for gender equality and against bigotry,” said Senator Weinberg. “Unfortunately, Freeholder Carman, who was elected by the citizens of Atlantic County to represent them, finds humor in the idea that women should stay home and make dinner rather than exercise our First Amendment rights.”

The Press of Atlantic City today reported on images Freeholder Carman posted on his personal Facebook page, including one image of a woman in a kitchen with the tagline “Will the Woman's March be over in time for them to cook dinner?” Another image on Carman's page joked that there was a “large sandwich making party” in Washington on Saturday.

“On behalf of women all across New Jersey, I'm here to tell Freeholder Carman that we're not going anywhere,” added Weinberg. “We are going to continue to march, to speak up, and to fight for a society that cherishes inclusion and equality.

“The post wasn’t even funny, but perhaps, worst of all, gave us insight into the freeholder’s thought processes. I hope that Atlantic County women attend the next freeholder meeting to let Mr. Carman know that not all women cook, but they probably do vote.”