Atlantic City Democratic Committee Thanks Senator Jim Whelan for his Many Years of Government Service

FROM: Joyce Mollineaux, Municipal Chair

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee wishes to salute and thank Senator Jim Whelan for his decades of public service to the residents of Atlantic City. Jim Whelan’s life story is a story of service to his Atlantic City Community, where he has lived and served as a lifeguard, teacher, coach, Councilman, Mayor, Assemblyman and finally State Senator. Just as he braved the waves of the Atlantic as a lifeguard and as a championship swimmer, Jim always gave a 100% effort to helping Atlantic City brave the waves of economic fortune and hardship that have been the hallmark of this great City. Although he may have made the decision to enter a long-deserved retirement, we know that Jim will continue to be an instrument of positive change for Atlantic City families. We wish Senator Whelan and his wife Kathy all the best in retirement.

The Atlantic City Democrats look forward to working with our County and State Democrat Leadership in helping to elect a new Democratic Senator to fill the very large shoes of Senator Whelan and to continue the fight for an improved quality of life for the residents of Atlantic City and throughout the Second Legislative District.

The Atlantic City Democrat Committee urge all Democrats to support and elect our next Democrat Senator in the June election.