Mazzeo Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic) announced today that he will seeking the 2nd District Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Jim Whelan.

"I am proud to announce my candidacy for state Senate and thank Senator Whelan for his distinguished career in public service. Today, Atlantic County is facing historic economic challenges. In many ways, we stand at a crossroads and I am committed to rolling up my sleeves as I do every day running a successful small business to do the hard work necessary to ensure our best days are ahead of us," said Mazzeo.

Assemblyman Mazzeo has fought tirelessly for Atlantic County's seniors, women, veterans, small businesses and middle-class families. He has been on the forefront of combating the ongoing deadly heroin and opioid epidemic, fighting for shared services and consolidation to save taxpayers their hard-earned money, stood up for our veterans and active duty military personnel, and stabilized Atlantic City's property tax assessments that have crippled our economy. Assemblyman Mazzeo has taken on the state's predatory lending program which is financially stifling a new generation of college students and is working to expand tax credit programs to keep and bring new businesses to Atlantic County to create local sustainable jobs.

Assemblyman Mazzeo continued, "Lowering property taxes and bringing new jobs and industries to Atlantic County must be our top priority to tackle the affordability crisis we face. Additionally, we must restore funding for essential women's healthcare services, lower Atlantic County's worst in the nation foreclosure rates, reform a broken school aid formula robbing Atlantic County children of our their fair share and stand in defiance of any attempts to resurrect schemes -- in contradiction of the voters -- to expand casino gaming outside of Atlantic City."

Several media outlets have reported that Republican Assemblyman Chris Brown is likely to seek the state Senate seat, and Mazzeo commented, "If Assemblyman Brown enters the race, I truly hope we can have a positive dialogue on the merits of our ideas rather than resort to his gutter political tactics of 2015. It is okay that we have clear differences, but the challenges facing Atlantic County require an honest discussion of how we create a path to progress. This campaign isn't about the candidates, it must be about the residents, businesses and the future of Atlantic County."

The Mazzeo campaign is also proud to announce the endorsement of outgoing Senator Jim Whelan, whose record of service to Atlantic County stretches back over 30 years. "I've made a career of telling people the truth, not just want they want to hear. Vince Mazzeo does the same thing. In the race of workhorses versus showhorses, I'm putting my money on Vince Mazzeo every time. One of the many reasons I'm supporting Vince Mazzeo is because Chris Brown has proved time and again he cares more about playing politics and telling people what they want to hear than working to get struggling families back on their feet. Atlantic County doesn't need more talking heads or panderers; we need more leaders who put words into action to defend our community. That's Vince Mazzeo."