Fitzpatrick Calls for Creation of Animal Shelter Oversight Committee

Atlantic County Freeholder candidate Caren Fitzpatrick today called for the creation of the Animal Shelter Oversight Committee, which culminates after a history of controversies at the Atlantic County Animal Shelter in Pleasantville this year.

"More transparency is always a good thing," said Caren Fitzpatrick. "The best way to restore confidence in the operation of the Animal Shelter is to give staff, volunteers, and the public a greater say in how the Shelter is operated."

Fitzpatrick noted that the proposed Animal Shelter Oversight Committee would be made up of county administration, Shelter staff and volunteers, and members of the public who would review current Animal Shelter policies and procedures, make recommendations on best practices based on other facilities in the industry to make the Shelter more efficient, and investigate any issues that are brought to the Committee’s attention by the public or Shelter volunteers.

"Government works best when we start talking with each other," said Fitzpatrick. "The time has come to get the county, Shelter volunteers, and members of the public at the same table and have a conversation on how to improve the Shelter. The animals cared for at the Shelter, and the citizens of Atlantic County who ultimately adopt some of these animals, deserve nothing less.”