Suleiman Condemns Distasteful Republican Post about Undocumented Immigrants

(GALLOWAY) Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman condemned the distasteful social media post by the Republican Party of Atlantic City.

"I don't get what it is about Atlantic County Republicans posting hurtful and inflammatory things on social media," said Chairman Suleiman. "Either they're really stupid, they purposefully spread xenophobic sentiments because they agree with it, or they are simply in the business of race-baiting in an attempt to win elections. Either way, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. The leaders of the Atlantic City Republican Club really have nothing else to do but to call children separated from their families 'crisis actors.' Ridiculous.

"The Republicans stayed silent on Trump, they stayed silent on Carman, and they stayed silent on Grossman. While I would usually urge Senator Brown, County Executive Levinson, and Atlantic County Republican leadership to denounce these posts, I know it's a waste of time and energy to do so. They never miss an opportunity to not stand up to their base."

Suleiman also urged the Atlantic County Freeholder Board to not consider a resolution that was discussed at the last Freeholder Board meeting to disparage undocumented immigrants and declare Atlantic County as a so-called "non-sanctuary county."