Atlantic County Democrats Unveil "Courage Clock"

Today, the Atlantic County Democratic Committee unveiled the “Courage Clock” on its website to commemorate how long the Atlantic County Republicans have lacked the courage to renounce their endorsement of Donald Trump.
“I called on the Atlantic County Republicans to renounce their endorsement of Mr. Trump two weeks ago, and still radio silence from them,” said Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman. “Since then, Mr. Trump insinuated that gun owners should commit violence against Hillary Clinton and called the president of the United States ‘the founder of ISIS.’ This once again begs the question: do the Atlantic County Republicans support what Mr. Trump is saying, or are they too afraid to speak out against him?”
As of this writing, none of the Republican candidates for county office nor any Republican elected officials have publicly renounced their support of Donald Trump.
“In the five months since the Atlantic County Republicans endorsed Mr. Trump, the Republican candidates for county office have stood idly by while Mr. Trump mocked the disabled, made crude statements about women, and demonstrated the fundamental lack of temperament required to be commander-in-chief,” said former Freeholder and prosecutor Colin Bell. “No one has held their feet to the fire, but enough is enough. Donald Trump makes a reckless comment about ‘Second Amendment people’ taking action, especially given our nation’s sad history with assassinations, and none of them denounce this rhetoric? Give me a break.”
The “Courage Clock” will remain on the Atlantic County Democrats’ website until the Atlantic County Republican Committee formally renounces their endorsement of Donald Trump for president.