Mazzeo & Whelan Get $4 Million for Stockton's Atlantic City Gateway Campus Included in Proposed 2017 Budget

Today, Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo and Senator Jim Whelan, both Democrats from Atlantic County, announced that their budget resolution for increased state aid for Stockton University's future campus in Atlantic City was included in the Legislature's Fiscal Year 2017 state budget that will be sent to Governor Christie.

A-4000, the Legislature's budget proposal, includes an additional line-item of $4,000,000 for Stockton's "Gateway Campus" being built in the Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City.

"Stockton's Gateway Campus is just the beginning of the effort to revitalize Atlantic City so that we can spur growth, investment and bring new jobs to local residents," said Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo. "Stockton is a world class university whose presence in Atlantic City brings nothing but positivity for the future of our city, its residents and the students lucky enough to be educated at the future Gateway Campus. We're proud to have fought the good fight, and won, to get this money included in the Legislature's budget."

"Historically, the State has provided funding to institutions of higher education when they have embarked on important expansions," said Senator Whelan. "As Stockton prepares to fulfill a dream of establishing a full campus in Atlantic City, it is only fair that the State assist Stockton in this effort. I urge the Governor to include these funds for Stockton when he takes action on the budget."

"We are grateful to Senator Whelan and Assemblyman Mazzeo for sponsoring this budget resolution, and we hope that it will be included in the final budget" said Dr. Harvey Kesselman, president of Stockton University. "The Gateway Campus is a win-win for our university and our region. It will provide new opportunities to our students and faculty while at the same time injecting newfound energy into Atlantic City."

The 2017 Budget legislation includes $22.391 million in state appropriations to Stockton University of which $18.391 million is Grants-in-Aid from the state plus an additional $4 million in funds from a budget resolution sponsored by Assemblyman Mazzeo, Senator Whelan along with co-sponsors Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, Senator Jeff Van Drew and Senator Chris Connors.

Both the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees are expected to approve the budget today. It then heads to the floors of the Senate and General Assembly for consideration next week.