Atlantic County Democrats believe in:

1. Equal rights and opportunities for all
2. Government funded public education from pre-school through grade twelve
3. Healthcare for all and a social safety net
4. Protecting Social Security and Medicare
5. Separation of church and state
6. A woman’s right to choose
7. Regulations that encourage sustainable growth & protect from corporate abuse
8. Progressive, equitably taxed wages, business, and investment income
9. A living wage, a safe environment and workers’ freedom to organize  
10. Government policy based on science and facts
11. Supporting a clean and sustainable environment
12. Energy independence, clean renewables and reduced use of fossil fuels
13. A strong military paired with diplomacy
14. Protecting the benefits of our military personnel and their families

Prepared for the Atlantic County Democratic Committee by Tom Palmentieri, Rodney Guishard, Nick Reina and Bettie J. Reina