Suleiman Condemns Vicious Attacks on Clergy's Family in Freeholder District 1 Race

(Absecon) Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman today strongly condemned the homophobic attacks perpetrated by Republican Sam Majumder's campaign against the family of Bishop Robert Hargrove of Atlantic City.

"It's one thing to lob attacks against Freeholder Ernest Coursey as a candidate for re-election, but to attack the son of a supporter of his, let alone the son of a community and religious leader like Bishop Hargrove, is disgusting and highlights why people are so turned off by politics," said Suleiman. "Mr. Majumder owes the Hargrove Family an apology and needs to cease all attacks on private citizens immediately."

A press release that was emailed by "B Askigs" at last Wednesday morning attacked Bishop Hargrove's son for allegedly "spreading the HIV virus through [the] Atlantic County community." The release ends with "Ernest Coursey supports Anthony Hargrove spreading HIV to the Atlantic County Community. Coursey deserves to be sent home. Say NO to the partnership of Coursey and Hargrove!"

"The character assassination against Anthony Hargrove is a disgrace," said Suleiman. "If this is what Mr. Majumder is resorting to in order to win, then he shouldn't be running for elected office."

Click here to see the email.
Click here to see the press release attached to the aforementioned email.