Atlantic County Democrats Stand In Favor of Sexual Assault Transparency Ordinance

Freeholder-At-Large Caren Fitzpatrick has introduced a proposed ordinance that will give the survivor of sexual harassment and assault the option to forgo the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) during any part of the investigation, settlement, or litigation process. The proposed ordinance has been referred to the County Code Review Committee.

“We want to create NDA policies that affirm survivors’ choices,” said Freeholder Fitzpatrick. “This ordinance will do just that.”

The Atlantic County Democratic Committee believes that Freeholder Fitzpatrick’s proposed ordinance allows for increased transparency for the taxpayers and citizens of Atlantic County. These NDAs are not only a barrier to eliminating sexual assault, but also stifle the public and survivor’s knowledge of these heinous actions. Empowering the survivor, and allowing them to claim back power that was taken from them if they so choose, ensures that perpetrators of sexual harassment are not allowed to hide behind NDAs and potentially commit such acts again. The people of Atlantic County should be holding their elected representatives to the highest of standards, and this is one simple way to do just that. 

The Atlantic County Democrats are also proud to endorse Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and John Armato in their legislation, A-3608, which bars the use of campaign funds and NDAs from being used to settle sexual assault and harassment claims levied against state officials and other employees. We believe that these two acts will decrease the likelihood of sexual assault and harassment while also preventing taxpayer dollars from being used to hide these shameful and reprehensible acts from the public.