Democratic Freeholder Candidates' Statement on Formica/Bertino Unsafe Workplace Report

Celeste Fernandez, Maureen Leidy, & Barbara Butterhof-Rheault, Democratic candidates for Atlantic County Freeholder, released the following statement after a published report about unsafe working conditions at Freeholder Chairman Frank Formica's business, of which Freeholder Jim Bertino is the plant manager:

"The claim by Formica, that somehow the victims of unsafe workplace conditions were directly responsible for the amputation of their limbs, is heartless and irresponsible. Employers have a duty and obligation to provide a safe work environment. Ultimately Mr. Formica and Jim Bertino, as Plant Manager, are responsible for ensuring worker safety - and in these two cases they failed. The amputation of a limb isn't something that a quick trip to UrgentCare or workman's comp makes right. I hope that the injured receive restitution befitting the losses that they suffered."