Compilation of Frank LoBiondo Votes 2013-2016

By Kimball Baker, Volunteer Atlantic County Democratic Headquarters

Source:  Atlantic City Press: How Your Lawmakers Voted 

Information provided by Nick Reina

This is a list of Frank LoBiondo votes in Congress over the past four years under 12 issue headings: Health Care, Economic and Worker Justice, Wall Street Reform, Consumer Protection, Environmental Protection, Women’s Rights, Immigration Reform, Opposing Discrimination, Helping Seniors, Veterans and the Active-Duty Military, Controlling Guns, Improving Education and Children’s Services, Foreign Affairs, and Budget/Rule-Making Processes.


* For cutting health-care benefits.

* For privatizing Medicare and converting it into a voucher system.

* For raising the cost of drugs under Medicare Part D.

* For repealing or hampering the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA);

  No substitute measures have been offered.

*Against an AHCA panel to control Medicare costs.

*Against upholding a preexisting-conditions waiver for health care.

*For delaying or eliminating the individual-mandate portion of AHCA.

*Against broadening the AHCA.

*For restricting AHCA coverage by redefining “full time” from 30

  hours a week to 40 hours a week.

*For suing the President for extending the period during which

  employers could provide AHCA coverage for workers.

*For use of Health Savings Accounts for over-the-counter medicines,

  thus helping to replace the AHCA.



Job Creation

*Against a $40 billion, six-year rail/transit infrastructure project

  funded by the crackdown on companies relocating their headquarters

  to other countries.

Worker Justice

*Against a minimum-wage increase.

*For exempting defense contractors from minimum-wage provisions.

*Against replacing National Labor Relations Board vacancies.

*Against extending jobless-benefits eligibility to the long-term


*Against flexibility on overtime-wage rules.

*For freezing the pay of Federal workers.

*Against considering wage/salary disparities as part of the Treasury

  Secretary’s report to Congress on the national debt.

*For easing of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules on

  issuing company stocks to workers in lieu of higher pay.

Political Justice

*Against lifting unreasonable limits on voting.

*Against publicly identifying political donors who contribute secretly.

*Against the SEC requiring corporations to disclose political

  contributions to political social-welfare groups.


*For lowering taxes on the rich.

*For repealing the Federal estate tax.

*For permanently extending corporate tax breaks created to deal with


*Against denying benefits to businesses reincorporating overseas to

  avoid U.S. taxation.

*Against making productivity pay-raises for workers a condition of tax

  deductions from billion-dollar CEOs’ salaries.

*For reducing Internal Revenue Service funds for catching tax cheats.



*For weakening Dodd-Frank financial regulations.

*For exempting major banks from a Dodd-Frank requirement that

  financial institutions not include risky derivatives trading in their

  taxpayer-insured units.

*For delaying protection of retail investors who consult financial


*For curbing financial oversight by the Commodity Futures Trading


*Against stronger SEC securities-regulation and investor-protection.

*For weakening Federal Reserve rules regarding banks’ debt-to-equity

  ratios, even when minorities, low-income people, and rural populations

  are underserved.

*For subjecting independent financial-regulatory units within the

 Treasury Department to Congressional appropriations and not to

  assessments levied on banks and other financial institutions.



*For weakening the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

*For undercutting of individual rights to sue mortgage banks which

  violate CFPB regulations.

*Against CFPB rules for mandatory-arbitration clauses in credit-card


*Against Federal Communications Commission regulation of Internet-

  service rates; such opposition interferes with net neutrality.

*For stripping the Federal Trade Commission of its in-house authority

  to judge whether proposed mergers/acquisitions violate anti-trust

  laws; such stripping would result in higher prescription-drug costs.

*Against stronger inspections of imported meat.

*For allowing banks to engage in risky derivatives trading which results

  in higher gas prices.

*For removing inflation as a factor in the budget-making process; such

  removal would reduce the safety of food and aviation.

*For taking $7 billion away from AMTRAK’s efforts to make long-

 distance rail service better and safer.



Renewable Energy

*Against Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program for

  development of renewable-energy technologies.

*For energy budget that halves renewable-energy spending.


*For more corporate representation, and less academic representation,

  On EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board, even if corporate candidates

  have a financial interest in Board decisions or have committed major

  environmental violations.

*For overemphasizing fossil-fuel research and downplaying or cutting

  clean-energy researches, programs, and technologies.

Clean Water

*Against EPA regulations which would protect the waters upstream

  from navigable waters.

*Against requiring companies to disclose chemicals endangering public-

  water supplies.

*Against stronger protection of water supplies from copper mines.


*For the Keystone XL Pipeline, waiving environmental laws/rules as


*Against requiring the Keystone XL Pipeline to pay into the Treasury

  Department’s Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

*For weakening reviews of pipeline projects crossing Canada/Mexico


Fracking and Natural Gas

*For speeding up the permitting process for fracking and natural-gas

  pipelines, despite any adverse effects such speeding-up would have on

  safety or any environmental harm caused.

*Against public disclosure of fracking operations.

*Against making sure that fracking is safe and that communities

  involved have maximum input.

*Against banning fracking on Federal/Indian lands.

*For speeding up exports by natural-gas companies, even to countries

  sponsoring terrorism and/or cyber attacks.

Toxic Wastes/Emissions

*Against studying the adverse health effects of mountaintop-removal

  coal-mining and thus expediting regulation of it.

*Against strengthening rules concerning disposal of toxic coal wastes.

*For scaling back Superfund regulations for companies disposing of

  toxic wastes.

*Against EPA limiting carbon emissions for coal/gas-fired power plants.

*Against EPA curbing emissions from the making of brick/clay/ceramic


Oil Drilling/Spilling

*For oil drilling (except off the New Jersey coast).

*Against compensation for California oil-spill victims.

*For exempting Gulf of Mexico oil drillers from Dodd-Frank


Climate Change

*Against EPA researching technologies to combat climate change.

*Against Federal agencies considering climate change in rules

  pertaining to energy projects or oil/gas drilling.

*For requiring the National Science Foundation to justify climate-

  change research as “demonstrably” in the public interest.

*For barring U.S. presidents from addressing climate change in future

  trade negotiations.

Environmental Rule-Making

*For weakening of environmental-stewardship guidelines.

*For curbing National Environmental Policy Act regulation of Federally-

  connected construction, scaling back rules and speeding up reviews.

*For speeding up reforestation and commercial logging in fire-ravaged

  national forests.

*For speeding up Federal mining in the West, waiving environmental

  laws and limiting lawsuits.



Equal Pay for Equal Work

*For impeding regulations which expedite benefits for women and

  require equal pay for equal work.

*For exempting defense contractors from pay-equity provisions for


*Against ensuring that Federal pay-equity lawsuits are not judged to

  be “frivolous”.

Health Care

*Against ensuring that health-care coverage doesn’t raise women’s

  premiums or deny them pregnancy care.

*For redefining “full time” in the AHCA as 40 hours a week instead of

  30, thus significantly reducing the Act’s coverage of women.


*For outlawing abortion rights after 20 weeks and thus threatening

  Roe v. Wade.

*For employers and medical personnel to have a legal claim to

  conscience-based objections to abortion.

*For barring the use of AHCA funds for abortions, despite the Act’s

  provision that women pay for them on their own.

Planned Parenthood

*For defunding Planned Parenthood.

*For slashing funding for Planned Parenthood, with an exemption for

  preventive care, e.g. screening for cervical/breast cancer.

*For denying Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood, despite such

  denial’s lessening of women’s access to medical services.

*Against Zika-related reproductive-care assistance to Planned

  Parenthood at a time when the House of Representatives refused

  sufficient funding to attack Zika.



*Against shielding from deportation five million undocumented

  immigrants whose children are U.S. citizens or legal residents born

  before November 20, 2014.

*For the House of Representatives filing a Supreme Court brief

  against the Executive Order shielding these immigrants.

*Against temporarily housing undocumented children at military bases.

*For blocking the Dream Act.



*For removing AHCA provisions to forbid gender bias.

*For raising the costs of Medicare Part D drugs without provision for

  possible gender bias.

*Against ensuring that Federal anti-discrimination lawsuits are not

  judged to be “frivolous”.

*Against upholding an Executive Order banning companies receiving

  Federal contracts from discriminating against employees who are

  lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

*Against enforcement of Administration policies on gender-based

  bathroom access.



*For delaying protection of seniors who consult financial advisors

  concerning their pensions and retirement accounts.

*For removing inflation as a factor in budget deliberations and thus

  reducing aid to nursing homes.

*For raising energy costs for seniors on fixed incomes by speeding up

  natural-gas exports.

*For raising the costs of Medicare Part D drugs, and thus the tax

  burden as well.

*For undercutting the rights of home-buying seniors to sue mortgage

  lenders who violate CFPB regulations.

*Against denying Federal Reserve emergency lending to financial

  institutions which have swindled seniors and their retirement funds.

*For defeating a Department of Labor rule that retirement/pension

  advisors are obligated to put clients’ financial interests over theirs.



*For impeding regulations expediting veterans’ benefits.

*Against hiring staff to clear the backlog of veterans’ claims.

*For delaying protection of veterans who consult financial advisors

  concerning their pensions and retirement accounts.

*For weakening protections against unscrupulous payday-lending

  practices at or near military posts.

*For curbing Federal policing of bank fraud, thus serving the interests

  of payday lenders.

*For endangering veterans’ benefits by calling for the elimination of

  inflation as a factor in budget deliberations.



*Against more criminal-background checks on commercial gun sales.

*Against considering legislation to ban guns/explosives to people on the

  FBI Terror Watch List.

*For curbing Federal policing of bank fraud, thus serving the interests

  of gun sellers.

*Against a National Science Foundation research priority on gun

  violence, which has adverse effects akin to smoking-related deaths

  and highway mortality.

*For blocking enforcement of D.C. gun laws, which ban assault weapons

  and large-capacity magazines and which require handgun registration.



*Against higher standards for education programs.

*Against using inflation in the budget process, a position leading to

  reduction of educational benefits.

*For weakening Federal support of public-school education.

*For variable interest rates on student loans.

*Against the refinancing of student loans.

*Against a requirement that banks which make student loans must

  disclose the amounts and types of brokerage fees, as well as the

  cumulative costs over 10-20 years

*Against states and localities committing to adequate funding for

  education of people with disabilities.

*Against requiring schools in private/charter voucher programs to obey

  provisions of the Civil Rights Act, the Educational Opportunities Act,

  and the Americans with Disabilities Act.



*Against closing Guantanamo despite valid cost and justice concerns.

*For continuing the House of Representatives investigation of Benghazi

  despite Republican admittance of its being used to try to lower Hilary

  Clinton’s poll numbers.

*Against updating the U.S. Government’s war-authority stance.

*Against the U.S.-Iran treaty which dismantles Iran’s nuclear-arms

  program over a 15-year period and provides sanctions relief.

*Against lifting the ban on travel to Cuba.



*For overturning legal doctrines which require judges to defer to

  Executive Branch interpretation of statutes.

*Against clean-budget bill.

*For partial-funding bills which involve no new revenues.

*For making Congressional Budget Office forecasts using supply-side


*For removing inflation as a factor to determine the baseline figure

  for budget deliberations.

*For shielding conventional spending in an emergency military-spending


*Against agencies issuing new regs without repealing existing ones.