Suleiman Calls on Atlantic GOP to Renounce Trump Endorsement

Today, Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman called on the Atlantic County Republicans to renounce their endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump in light of his incendiary comments towards the family of a veteran who perished fighting for our country.
“Donald Trump’s slander of Captain Khan’s family is shameful,” said Suleiman. “How many hateful things does Trump have to say before the Atlantic County Republicans speak out? They need to do the right thing and renounce their endorsement once and for all.”
In March, the Atlantic County Republican Committee endorsed Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary. Its chairman served as a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
“I’m still flabbergasted that the county Republicans would endorse Trump given his record of cheating businesses in Atlantic City. And yet with all of his hateful comments about women, Muslims, and Mexicans, why still radio silence by the GOP? Does the Atlantic County Republican Party endorse Trump smearing the family of fallen American soldiers or does the party simply lack the courage to speak out against it? The voters of Atlantic County deserve to know,” said Suleiman.
“Sometimes in public service, you need to make difficult, unpopular decisions. It is my hope that the leadership of the Atlantic County Republicans makes the right decision and renounces their endorsement of Donald Trump,” said Suleiman. “We call on Republican Chairman Keith Davis, County Executive Dennis Levinson, Assemblyman Chris Brown and other local Republican officials to follow the example of national Republicans such as Senator John McCain and Speaker Paul Ryan in denouncing Donald Trump's outrageous and incendiary comments."