GOP Chair's Comments about "Stolen" Elections Reprehensible

(Absecon) Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman reprimanded his Republican counterpart for carelessly claiming that the Atlantic County Democrats "steal elections."

Yesterday on The Don Williams Show on 1400 WOND AM, Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis said "we just can't let the Democrats steal another election in this county" and insinuated that the Democrats have used dirty tricks to rig elections.

"Keith Davis is fanning the Donald Trump flame of saying our elections are rigged," said Suleiman. "This kind of rhetoric is totally reprehensible and threatens the integrity of our cherished electoral process."

"If the Atlantic County Democrats are supposedly 'stealing elections,' we're certainly not good at it considering that the Republicans have a super-majority on the Freeholder Board" said Suleiman. "Keith either needs to apologize for his stupid comments or offer substantive proof of what elections we've exactly stolen. He needs to put up or shut up."

"I have every confidence in all of Atlantic County's election officials to conduct a fair and free election next week. Despite what Keith says, I would tell the voters of Atlantic County that your votes will be counted and will matter," said Suleiman.